North York, Ontario

Building Sciences Expert

The Building Sciences Expert is responsible for developing, supporting, and implementing innovative building and construction services that improve the performance and sustainability of building maintenance for an International Pharmaceutical Company. This includes research and development of new building, maintenance and construction technologies and processes, analysis of building performance data, and development of building standards and codes. The Building Sciences Expert must be able to work independently and collaboratively with other experts in the field and with customers, as well as provide technical support to project teams.
Primary Responsibilities:

Develop and implement innovative building and construction products and services that  improve the performance and sustainability of the site

Provide support for several departments from within the Maintenance Team

Well-versed and knowledgeable across several disciplines, whether that be Mechanical, Chemical, Construction, Piping, etc.
Experience in Project Management

Research and develop new building and construction technologies and processes. Analyze performance data and develop building standards and codes.

Provide technical support to project teams.
Conduct research studies and data collection activities.

Analyze and interpret complex performance data.
Develop innovative solutions to address performance and sustainability issues. Prepare reports, presentations, and other materials for internal and external audiences.
Provide support to customers and other stakeholders on maintenance and construction matters.

Keep abreast of new developments in industry

Educational Background

Engineering degree in Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical etc or equivalent

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