Toronto, Ontario

Washer Bottle Product Design Support

2 Washer Bottle Product Design Support

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Remote Possible?: Yes

Duration: 6 weeks full time 40 hours with potential for up to 20% OT

Job Description: 

Start of Project: Immediate
Duration: 6 weeks full time (40 hours per week with potential for up to 20% OT)
Staffing Needs:
• 1 Sr. Product Designer with knowledge of complex Blow Molding design (EST day shift), ability to apply vehicle packaging constraints directly in design process
• Potential to add 1 off-shift designer to support OEM timing acceleration if required

Scope of Work:
Provide Product Design support for the part shown below and noted activities:
P/N: 26342898
1. Product Design
a. Utilize NX (current GM version with revisions implemented as identified; hardware and software supplied by design service provider) to develop fully parametric models and implement design changes / model iterations as needed to meet GM product/system needs as well as ABC manufacturing needs. Models will be developed in some
combination using local vehicle environment, placeholder or integrated component design files (where available), design direction inputs from ABC or designate
b. All math data models to be fully parametric with history meeting GM / ABC requirements
c. All 2D drawings to meet GM requirements
d. Support design reviews with ABC Toronto and Detroit based engineering team as required
2. Design Location & hours of work
a. Design team members to be located at design service providers site; site to ensure full
confidentiality of all aspects of product development work assigned
b. Working hours will enable daily direct collaboration with ABC engineering team (EST day and afternoon shifts), GM engineering team (where required) and allow delivery of design updates meeting ABC/GM timing needs