Richmond Hill - REMOTE WORK, Ontario

Java Developer

Java Developer
Richmond Hill, ON – REMOTE
Project: Integration / API Development repatriation project
(Contact Centre Systems – Banking Sector)
Job Description:
• Working with current API vendor to eventually re-patriate API development to client (Large Big 5 Bank) staff
• Knowledge transfer of API development processes from vendor to client
• Monitoring current API vendor development activities, validating change requests
• Working with SL team members to document the entire LOB, SL on-boarding process
• Organizing and managing API design documents
• Documenting the end-to-end technical steps of API development (code, test, certification, deployment in DEV, SIT and PAT)
• Developing Day 2 troubleshooting guide for the SL APIs, coordinating with Day 2 teams

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Excellent negotiation skills
• Java, git, Intellij IDEA, Postman
• L3 support skills:
o setting up a development environment
o learning the API code to a level of being able to debug and troubleshoot production issues