Toronto, Ontario

Contract Administrator

Contract Administrator
Public Sector- Transit
1 year

Contract Administrator is responsible for developing and maintaining the specifications/terms of reference for corporate-wide contracts (stationary, clothing, PPE, tools, laundry, services contracts, etc.)
This involves:

  • Contract Management – Coordinating and administering the day-to-day activities associated with corporatewide contracts for operating needs of the Toronto Transit Commission which may include safety products, snow clearing, towing, tools, laundering for work garments, electrical, plumbing, janitorial procurement, etc.
  • Carrying out Pre-Award and Post-Award activities associated with both the tendering and contract award phases and full contract administration of the assigned corporate contract, in accordance withpolicies and departmental guidelines. Includes collaborating with usage departments to define contract requirements, prior to tender or amendment, and solicit for additional requirements and partnering with the designed Sr. Sourcing Specialists to execute the required procurement activities.
  • Process contract amendments, exercising available contract extensions and/or increase in contact Upset $-Limits.? Upload relevant contract documents to SharePoint by corporate contract.? Ensure all changes reflected on each Cost Centre’s Corporate Contract Authorization form is communicated to the companies in a timely fashion.
  • Performing on-going maintenance of the scope of work under each corporate contract which may include pricing revisions.
  • Coordinate and chair kick-off meetings with vendors and authorized contract clients. The Contract Specialist provides direction and guidance to user departments and vendors by developing and updating procedures and conducting training sessions as required.
  • Documenting close-out procedures in accordance with the corporate contracts.
  • Archive expired contract documents according to

Record Retention policy.

  • Supports PCM Major Project / Transformation Events.
  • Back up Purchasing Card Administrator. Vendor Management ? Monitoring vendor delivery performance; coordinating and resolving vendor claims (warranty, hardship, etc.) and continually monitoring vendor performance for compliance with contract terms with respect to commercial and technical requirements.
  • Conducting vendor performance and user contract assessment reviews at regular intervals and taking corrective action to resolve/improve performance issues.
  • Resolving disputes between the vendor and the user, including interpretation of contract terms and conditions, quality issues, delivery requirements, invoicing, etc
  • Preparing Vendor Performance Reports and conducting regular meetings with assigned vendors regarding vendor performance.


  • Visiting vendor facilities and user department locations to view and inspect the quality of goods/services received, as required. Expenditures Review and Reporting
  • Monitoring the usage of the corporate contracts by the user departments and identifying trends in spending.
  • Liaising with Department Heads and Budget Coordinators to obtain budget confirmations and monitoring budgets against actual expenditures. Proactively engages impacted departments to ensure required budgetary allowances and approvals are obtained.
  • Analysing each department’s fiscal expenditure against confirmed approved budgets.
  • Produce and present Management Expenditure Reports identifying spend trends and optimization opportunities.
  • Liasing with Accounts Payable to resolve all invoicing discrepancies, as required.
  • Analyze invoices received and supporting documentation to substantiate amounts invoiced.
  • Address reported discrepancies between vendors and user departments (ie: Quality Issues and Delivery Requirements).
  • Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on all contract commitments/expenditures and initiating and obtaining the appropriate authorization to adjust contract value if required.
  • Taking corrective actions as necessary to improve/resolve performance issues;
  • Co-ordinating and resolving any claims submitted by the vendor (e.g. sympathetic/hardship claims); Verifying products, ordered and used by various user departments, in the various corporate contracts to ensure that they are approved and used exclusively for business.
  • Identify corporate pooling opportunities across multiple departments and collaborate with department leads to drive consolidated Corporate-Wide Contracts.
  • Develop customized control measure reports as required. Strategic Sourcing
  • Source and develop potential alternative sources of supply for goods/services to increase competition and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. Includes recommending optimization and strategic opportunities to management and partnering with Stakeholders to secure required approval for potential secondary sourcing opportunities.
  • Liaising with other major North American transit systems and major companies to ensure exploits the best industry practices.
  • Collaborates with multiple stakeholders to understand competing contracted requirements which may offer consolidation opportunities.
  • Proactively engaging other Public Agencies to identify consolidation opportunities, leveraging existing contracts resulting in reduced operational and acquisition costs.
  • Negotiate pricing with currently contracted vendors to reduce cost of goods purchased, such as when shifting Cost-Plus Consumable Items to Firm Pricing.
  • Keeping up-to-date with changing technologies, new sources of supply by visiting vendor facilities, trade shows, seminars, etc.

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