Toronto, Ontario

System Verification Engineer -CBTC

System Verification Engineer or System Verifier (2 positions)

System Engineering Department

Location: Remote – core hours 8:30-5:00 EST (40 hours/week)

Language: English

Experience: System engineering, verification, CBTC, DOORS, CENELEC

Core expertise: CBTC, system verification

Background: CBTC is a must, DOORS/CENELEC an asset

The main scope of the role is to define the verification process/scope.

  • they need to ensure that all of the requirements are in DOORS
  • the requirements are aligned with CENELEC and the customer’s requirements
  • they will look at the technical accuracy of the requirements
  • there is not a lot of guesswork as the guidelines are defined
  • they will need to establish if the requirements make sense
  • ensure everything is properly linked in DOORS
  • they will work on one subsystem at a time based on their experience, ATS (Automatic Train Stop), ZC (On-Board) or VOBC (Wayside)
  • Modeling tool (Capela), any knowledge of a modelling tool is an asset (i.e. Melody Advance

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Wandalin Jana

Directrice, Acquisition de talents

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