Fredricton, New Brunswick

Senior Sharepoint Technical Analyst

Senior Technical Analyst (SharePoint/AEM)
Client: Government of New Brunswick (Service New Brunswick)
Business Application Services
(Corporate Application Services)
Fredricton, NB
Service Request ID:
Service Request Category:
SNB-Business Applications
Estimated Start Date:
Estimated End Date:
Location of Services:
Work Location:
In Fredericton
Position Title:
Technical Analyst – Level 2
Duration: full-time basis for a period of 24 weeks (120 working days), commencing April 1, 2019 and ending on September 13, 2019.
SNB may extend the engagement, by 25% or 6 months, whichever is reached first, if it deems necessary.
The Business Application Services (Corporate Application Services) team within Service New Brunswick (SNB) Technology Services requires a senior technical analyst to provide technical support and leadership for the Web Content Management System (WCMS) team.
Service New Brunswick (SNB) requires a single Senior Technical Analyst with competence in SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 to provide daily troubleshooting, support, and maintenance services; and the serve as an application lead.
Competence in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is also sought, but is considered optional.
Mandatory Requirements
SNB seeks a resource that demonstrates the following Mandatory Requirements.
Resource must possess excellent verbal and written language skills in English.
A minimum of three years of demonstrated and verifiable experience as a Senior Application Analyst.
Two or more years of demonstrated experience supporting a web content management system.
Scored Requirements
Desired Experience
Experience with IIS configuration, permissions, OS patching, Domain management, redirects/keywords, data/script management, DB restore and troubleshooting.
3 Years
Experience with Website Analytic tools, script management, site configuration, log management, manual tasks.
3 years
Experience with SharePoint Server administration (2016, 2013 and 2010).
3 Years
Experience with web content management system configuration, web front ends, dispatcher configuration and user management.
2 Years
Training or experience with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) CQ5.
2 Years
The successful candidate must deliver the following in order to successfully complete the engagement:
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance to the WCMS team to implement service requests to meet communication requirements (SharePoint and AEM).
  • Function as an ‘application lead’ for the WCMS team by triaging work requests, assigning work, and monitoring progress of the team.
  • Ensure technical knowledge is transferred to the SCMS team.
  • Monitoring overall performance of the web and application servers and address issues as needed:
    • SharePoint – Central administration tasks, configuration changes, OS patching, file/data restores
    • AEM – Setup, configuration, troubleshooting, patching, package installation, domain management on CQ Web front ends, dispatcher configuration and user management
    • Intranet – IIS configuration, permissions, OS patching
    • Internet(www environments) – All IIS configuration, permissions, OS patching, domain and DNS requests/updates, redirects/keywords, data/script management
    • WebDB – IIS Configuration, permissions, OS Patching, DB troubleshooting, Database restores
    • FTP and FTPS – Service management, patching as required
    • Webstats – Script management, site configuration, log management, manual tasks
  • Recurring tasks to includes:
    • script management and load testing (Election night)
    • General troubleshooting of website related issues
    • Web application consulting to encompass best practices
    • Web services monitoring
    • Website statistics
    • Backing up and storing webserver logs


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