Mississauga, Ontario

Qualification consultant

Consultant/ short project contract

We are in the process of transferring an instrument from our Drug Development lab to the QC Chemistry lab and would like to discuss having a consultant to drive the qualification process.

The instrument is a capillary isoelectric focusing unit that is used to determine charge heterogeneity. We would need IQ, OQ and PQ executed preparation of other related documents as well. It is only one instrument for which we need full qualification (IQ = Installation Qualification, OQ = Operational Qualification and PQ = Performance Qualification).

We are basically looking at:

  • Qualification and Validation background
  • Chemistry background would help because of the nature of the department handling this instrument
  • Laboratory instruments experience
  • Pharma or medical device experience obviously
  • Knowledge of capillary isoelectric focusing units would definitely be a big plus 
  • Empower software experience preferred 

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