Kapuskasing , Ontario

EHS Specialist

EHS Specialist

Kapuskasing, Ontario

2 Month contract

MUST HAVE: specific experience with Ontario legislation


Provide support to the project team by maintaining a visible presence on the field performing site visits to the entire project at least 50% of the daily activities coordinated with the project manager.

Administrative tasks
-Data entry in Gensuite; ATS action tracking system (corrective actions), Incident and measure, inspection tool in timeframes consistent with GE Expectations.
-Create when needed register, Excel spreadsheet and power point presentation
-Document translation
-Use Paratox database to build SDS sheets and labels, ensure they are up to date and in accordance with chemicals used on site and readily available for workers.

Incident management, performance review, corrective actions
-Track all related EHS performance of the project, hours per employees, contractors, update Gensuite and report in timeframes consistent with GE Expectations.
-Review contractor performance at least monthly and address any issue or improvement opportunities.
-Address and document corrective actions immediately and consistent with GE expectations. Ensure that a formal process is place when items found are corrected and tracked into Gensuite to completion.
-Lead site incident investigations
-Report immediately all incidents to the EHS manager and Project Director
-In case of an incident, fill out an 8D root cause analysis within 6 hours following the incident including pictures and chronological description of event and send it to the EHS manager.
– In case of an incident, fill out a flash report within 10hours following the event and send it to the EHS manager.

Contractor monitoring
-The EHS site safety employee is responsible for monitoring safety performance of all contractors under GE scope of work. Ensuring the contractors follow GE EHS plan and implement any corrective actions identified. In case where contractor do not follow GE EHS requirements the site safety employee must inform immediately the EHS Manager.

EHS Plan

-Review the EHS plan with the EHS Regional Manager as needed minimally. Post it in work location. Ensure that all workers and contractors follow the EHS plan and know GE requirements. Update with EHS Manager as needed or minimally annual basis.

EHS meeting

-Actively participate in bi-Weekly EHS committee, inform workers of the topics being covered and track them in Gensuite. Implement corrective actions if required.
– The EHS site employee shall participate actively in tool box talk meeting and provide safety topic to the meeting. The topic shall be linked with site activities, corporate messages, near misses and other sites lessons learn. Conduct at least one documented tool box talk per week, coach and advise the remaining weeks the supervisors and others site employee.
-Support and enforce top Work policy in place as per local legislation.
-The EHS site employee is required to participate in any other meeting requested by the site manager or the EHS Manager.
-Participate in monthly EHS corporate meeting and prepare update to corporate team.

Training management
-Site Safety advisor must be trained in all EHS required training. In addition, he or she shall take key train the trainer session(s) to train workers depending on site needs. To be approved by Regional safety manager. The site safety employee is responsible for –retaining all training records from GE employees and contractors as well as keeping a training matrix up to date.
-Implement and deliver GE safety training and site orientation to construction contractors and vendors that are working for the client.

Inspection and tooling calibration, PPE
-Conduct in collaboration with contractors and supervisors weekly GPI’S and have them entered in Gensuite.
-Quarterly inspection for lifting accessories and working at height equipment.
Risk assessment, ensure that specific risk assessment is done daily by all worker and when there is a change in task and updated as required.
Permit to work, must ensure that work permit is done properly meeting GE requirements, conduct routine validation that permits are utilized as required.
Hearing conservation program, support and enforce GE Industrial hygiene noise monitoring and air monitoring and exposure potential on site.
Assist in Drug and Alcohol Program implementation
Support immediate notification to the EHS Regional Manager when regulatory bodies visit the site.
Other tasks
-Deliver training if needed
-Provide coaching site employee, supervisor and site manager
-Positively influence workers in their safety behaviors
-Support and run Nevada Ticket Recognition program for positive safety culture