Design Engineer

Design Engineer

Location : New Market, ON

Start date : As soon as possible

Skills required (must Have)

  • 3 years experience, preferably with Automotive or Aerospace
  • Strong experience working on volume (not surface) design
  • Strong CATIA V5 experience ( The  candidate will be tested in CATIA 5) 
  • Design experience of door fasteners, locking mechanisms, actuators for doors will be an big asset



Performs product design and drafting using the appropriate CAD system.  Provides assistance with technical guidance and product design problem solving. 



· Generally assigned to create and revise complex components and assemblies.  Assignments will include programs with existing and new customers, the introduction of new technology, accelerated development cycles and integrated product lines.

· Support Project Engineers by independently (with some input) generating studies and concept sketches for the purpose of understanding, communicating, or overcoming technical issues.

· Consults and collaborates with personnel on various Engineering and Design activities related to the product development process.

· Generates innovative solutions to problems that resolve issues on projects as well as open potential avenues to new products/patents/cost savings.

· Develops CAD designs (3D & 2D) based on internal and customer input/requirements, and following internal guidelines/best practices.  Complexity of the design may extend up to vehicle system level. Designs should demonstrate advanced understanding of material, industry, OEM, product specific, supplier process, manufacturing and other best practices. Applies these skills to create viable solutions for product designs and generate/evaluate concepts for technical merit.

· Can execute complex calculations and kinematic studies using product standards and individual knowledge.

· Works with Analysts to provide data necessary for CAE studies, and optimizes designs based on results.

· Advanced understanding of dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). Able to independently devise dimensioning schemes that suit fit & function of parts while accounting for mating condition to other components in an assembly. Application of tolerance stack ups. Consideration for manufacturing and quality assurance capabilities should be evident in the dimensioning strategy and design.

· Able to act as a liaison to customer/supplier, if placed in an off-site assignment.

· Provides technical guidance and mentoring as needed to other Design Engineers/Designers regarding CAD/Drafting best practices and design principles.

· Exercise advanced knowledge and skill when executing internal CAD change management, and when adapting to customer change management systems, in order to ensure accuracy and proper protocol when submitting math data.

· Ensures accurate execution of assignments related to Engineering Change Notices while maintaining proper revision levels and change sequencing.

· Possesses advanced skills in CAD techniques (e.g. surfacing, solid modelling, assembly management/manipulation, rendering, drafting, parametrics, kinematics, etc.). Willing to move between CAD platforms and is capable of rapidly learning new software.

· Possesses advanced ability to perform data transfers and translations, as needed.

· Follows CAD file management best practices, and individual CAD file data integrity, based on company standards.

· Understands and follows existing policies, procedures, work instructions and standards and makes recommendations for continuous improvements.

· Follows Client’s Code of Conduct & Ethics and related compliance policies

  • Perform other duties as required



  • Ensure all safety and non-safety rules and regulations are followed
  • Ensure adherence to established quality and housekeeping standards
  • Review and adhere to CTC’s health and safety, environmental, and quality standards, operating procedures, and policies
  • Immediately report accidents, hazards, defects or non-compliance issues to management
  • Works and acts in a manner that will not hurt him/herself or any other worker
  • Understand and uphold the policies that prohibit workplace violence and harassment
  • Participate in all mandatory training
  • In addition to the above, the duties include those specified under the Occupational Health & Safety Act (Newmarket) or Occupational Safety & Health Act (Troy)


  • Bachelor’s degree (or Bachelor’s equivalency) in Engineering or related field
  • or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • A minimum of 4 years of experience in computer aided Design & Engineering techniques
  • Fundamental knowledge of manufacturing & assembly process
  • Proficient in currently utilized CAD technology for data file & change management, modeling, assembly, detailing, drafting, GD&T, drawing release and Kinematics
  • CATIA & UG are preferred, SDRC is a good secondary requirement
  • Strong communication skills: verbal and written
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to successfully complete multiple tasks within established and changing deadlines
  • Able to use word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, project management and database software applications
  • Ability to support customers, suppliers, etc. to achieve program deliverables
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment.
  • Is able to present technical information in a clear and persuasive manner, and can negotiate effectively in an important situation.
  • Demonstrate successful performance with independent problem solving and presentations
  • Ability to apply academic and other engineering principles in the development of automotive components and utilize math-based tools (e.g. Dimensional management, Kinematics, etc.)



  • Ability to build relationships with & service the customer
  • Accountability
  • Organization and Adaptability
  • Self-Knowledge and Development
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to Company Growth, Policies & Standards
  • Balancing Support & Confrontation
  • Communication & Influence
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Willingness to take Initiative & Risks
  • Quality of Work
  • Technical/Professional Knowledge



  • Conditions may cause minor stress or physical discomfort due to limited exposure to elements or frequent exposure to moderately disagreeable internal or external conditions.  Typical conditions are such that a minor risk of injury or harmful effect is possible to self or others.

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