Bilingual – Sr Project Manager / Management Consultant – Public Health Strategies

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Department of Health

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In Fredericton



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Project Management (PM) – Level 3



· Formulates statements of management, scientific and business problems, establishes procedures for the development and implementation of significant, new or modified computer systems to solve these problems, and obtain approval thereof.
· Defines and documents the objectives for the project, determines budgetary requirements, the composition, roles and responsibilities, and terms of reference for the project team.
· Manages the project during the development, implementation and operations start up by ensuring that resources from all service areas are made available
and that the system is developed and totality operates within previously agreed time, cost and performance parameters.
· Reports progress of the project on an ongoing basis, and at scheduled points in the life cycle to the sponsors of the project.
· Evaluates proposed computer systems to determine technical feasibility, functional adequacy, and estimated costs for implementation and operation.
· Meets in conference with program managers and other cognizant officials and states problems in a form capable of being solved.

· Prepares plans, charts, tables and diagrams to assist in analysing or displaying problems. Works with a variety of scientific, business or engineering tools requiring a sound knowledge of mathematics and management sciences.
· Must have a demonstrated capability of managing a team of specialists, analysts and programmers.

Differentiation between Project Manager (PM) Levels 1, 2 and 3

A level 3 Project Manager (PM) must demonstrate several years’ experience successfully managing extremely large, complex projects. Extremely large complex projects are those that:
· Cross multiple (i.e. more than 4 or 5) business units and / or organizations;
· Involve multiple (i.e. in excess of 15) direct project participants;
· Operate for an extended period (i.e. more than 1 year); and
· Involves managing business transformation as well as technical transformation.


The New Brunswick Department of Health, (Innovation and eHealth (IEH)), is responsible for supporting the Regional Health Authorities in alignment and integration of digital health solutions and services to achieve optimal health system performance and quality care for all citizens of New Brunswick.  

Over the next 12 months, the Department along with the RHAs need to undertake planning initiatives that will not only support subsequent COVID outbreaks but deliver services within the definition of the “new normal”. Initiatives to transform delivery of services is a priority.


Vitalité leaders are planning and preparing to resume their service delivery as part of what will inevitably be "a new normal". Hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices today are not designed to meet the "new standard", in accordance with the new regulations imposed by Public Health to support the pandemic response. The delivery of health care is being forced to change, and technology will be an enabler in this transformation.


A new type of hybrid care is what needs to be considered, while focusing on how to keep future occupancy rates lower through opportunities such as virtual care, remote patient monitoring, and citizen focused scheduling opportunities.


The health system is committed and engaged in defining the "new normal " and plans to overcome the constraints of the post-pandemic through innovation and collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure current digital health solutions are leveraged to full capacity. While there will be gaps we need to better understand the appropriate user stories that reflect the Regional Health Authorities that reflect the “new normal”.


Services Sought

The branch is seeking the services of a Senior Project Manager with Management Consulting competencies to lead the discovery phase and tactical planning phase of these transformation efforts.


The mandate includes supporting the initiative and the respective deliverables with Project Management tasks, as well as assist in a Management Consulting capacity to developing a tactical plan that will meet the needs of the RHAs in response to the pandemic recovery strategies within various program areas. The Vitalite Health Network has just completed a survey with a significant number of clinical stakeholders to better understand their needs as it relates to operating in this “new normal”. The survey results will inform the development of a series of user stories, this information will be validated with key focus groups and documented in a manner that will facilitate a gap analysis and subsequent tactical planning and recommendations. All activities will be supported by key stakeholders within the Department of Health, Service New Brunswick and the RHAs. A hybrid agile approach to performing the work is desired.


Activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ensure lightweight (agile) project management/consulting approach is utilized throughout the project.
  • High level jurisdictional scans to support the deliverables.
  • Develop, manage and communicate a lightweight project plans, highlighting key deliverables.
  • Monitor and report progress against project plan.
  • Collaborate with internal and External Stakeholders (Department of Health, RHAs, SNB, other as necessary) to ensure accuracy and completeness of information;
  • Provide Management Consulting leadership in the development of the tactical plan;
  • Support the Senior Executives in the facilitation of workshops and focus groups related to validating the user stories prior to developing the tactical plan and new operating model as it relates to the “new normal”;
  • Presentations to internal stakeholders, special interest groups etc

Postule pour ce poste




Required Experience


A University bachelors level  degree in Computer Science or a related discipline; an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered



Recent and relevant IM/IT experience (10 years)

Minimum of 10 years


Excellent verbal and written communication skills in French and English






Required Experience


Experience with projects in healthcare (min 4 years)

Minimum of 4 years


Strong skills and demonstrated experience in communication planning, coordination including presentations to internal and external stakeholders (min 5 years)

Minimum of 5 years


Demonstrated experience in discovery projects resulting in documentation of user stories to support tactical planning and alignment activities. (min 5 years)

Minimum of 5 years


Demonstrated experience facilitating and documenting gap analysis that cross multiple business/clinical needs, involving multiple participants. (min 5 years)

Minimum of 5 years


Demonstrated experience working with a broad stakeholder groups on business/clinical or technology transformation projects. (min 5 years)

Minimum of 5 years


Experience with interprovincial initiatives (min 2 years)

Minimum of 2 years


Experience with shared services environments (min 2 years)

Minimum of 2 years


Experience supporting transformational projects in a Management Consulting role (min 3 years)

Minimum of 3 years

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Heather MacKenzie

Directrice, Acquisition de talents

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