Toronto, Ontario

Back-end Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Real-Time Trade Analysis Systems
Client: FinTech Industry
Location: Downtown

You will be part of a team that is developing the world's first real-time market sentiment and perception analysis system for financial markets utilizing proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.


  • Several years of active C# .NET development experience, some knowledge of VB.NET would be an asset.
  • A strong background in OOP with an emphasis on structure and a separation of concerns.
  • WPF development experience, with some knowledge of how to optimize CPU, GPU, and memory usage.
  • Experience with multi-threading using basic threads, message queues, thread locking, semaphores, and async/await.
  • Able to work with Web-sockets, TCP, and REST as consumers and producers.
  • Advanced knowledge of how to use and optimize PostgreSQL, MySQL and Redis.
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services, including EC2, S3, Route53, security groups, auto-scaling groups, and load balancers.
  • Strong mathematical skills are required.
  • Experience dealing with encryption, data compression, and OAuth would be useful.
  • Must be able to write effective code documentation and general documentation.
  • Must be able to test and optimize code effectively.
  • Should be able to map out data flow diagrams and decision trees.
  • Git experience is an asset.
  • Some experience with Heroku services would be an asset.
  • Knowledge of the stock market and derivatives markets is an asset.
  • Some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be useful.