Ottawa, Ontario

Program Assistant -Bilingual

Program Assistant:

Bilingual- French, English

2 months


Program Assistant

Excel intermediate level – Must be skilled and experienced using excel formulae, working with multiple worksheets

Must be a quick learner, able to adapt to new computer software applications quickly

Fine attention to detail – strong data entry skills

Must be responsive to team demands

Must be able to work efficiently in a fast paced work environment



Job Summary:

Responsible for providing administrative support for the Program Manager, Public Health, Working Supervisor, Team Leaders and assigned programs, including the preparation of documents; initiating confidential client records; implementing the distribution of health information and medical supplies;

providing administrative support for information management that involves updating and maintaining databases and generating related reports, and updating and managing an information resources inventory; providing administrative support to internal and external committees; and performing other program-related duties.

Key Duties: Produces a variety of documents, including correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, tables, graphs and presentation materials in both official languages using word processing, graphics, desktop publishing software as appropriate, in accordance with corporate and departmental policies and procedures by: – drafting memos and letters based on standard letters and/or guidelines on the request of the Program Manager and professional staff; – formatting, proofreading and editing documents prepared by professional or managerial staff;

– preparing materials for public distribution and presentation such as notices, invitations, certificates, flyers, posters, pamphlets, newsletters, manuals, overheads and other graphic materials required by program staff; and – showing professional and managerial staff how they can make effective use of computers and software to prepare draft documents. Initiates confidential client records using a computerized system by: – searching the system

; – verifying and entering referral data; – printing records and reports for distribution within a designated timeframe;

– verifying the completeness of client records before filing in the central filing system; and

– ensuring the security of confidential documents being processed. Implements the distribution of health information resources and medical supplies to support program and service delivery as required by: – preparing health information resources for mail-outs and community events such as workshops and health fairs, and the Internet including coordinating printing, photocopying, collating, sorting and mailing of information;

– ordering promotional materials as required for specific campaigns;

– handling orders, including sales, of health resources materials and processing requests for petty cash as required for staff and manager; – maintaining and ordering necessary medical supplies inventory; and – preparing medical supplies for off-site clinics (Hep B, dental screenings, OBS medical supplies, SITE office and SITE van, etc.), as required by professional staff.

Provides administrative support for managing information in the assigned area by: – developing and maintaining computerized and manual filing systems for programs and projects in compliance with City of Ottawa Records Management policy, and retrieving information as required; – entering, transcribing and tabulating program-related data into database systems; – preparing statistical and other program reports, including verifying information, both manually and using a computer, and printing reports from OARS as required; – photocopying, collating and distributing information; –

processing correspondence and other documents; – arranging for courier and facsimile and electronic distribution of information; and – sorting and distributing mail. Coordinates the data entry process to ensure the accuracy of the CAD Program Activity Reporting System (OARS), the AHD Activity Reporting System (ARS), Reportable Disease Information System (RDIS) and other program-related databases such as the Prenatal Program by: – verifying the correctness of reported data; – inputting program activity reporting data submitted by professional staff, and surveillance data for communicable diseases; and – following up with staff on incomplete information Maintains an inventory and booking system of health information resources and supplies (displays, pamphlets, communiqués, videos, brochures, overheads, etc.) and of audio-visual and other equipment used within the program/branch by: – entering information resource data in the Public Health Information Resources Database;

– maintaining a limited number of materials within the branches; – arranging for the storage of large volumes of resources in the Public Health centralized storage facility; – ensuring equipment is signed out/in and maintained in good working condition by following up any concerns/repairs with appropriate departments; and – requisitioning/ordering office and other supplies as needed and entering information in budget monitoring system if applicable. Provides administrative support for internal and external committees and for other meetings, workshops and health education sessions by: – arranging meetings/interviews; –

notifying attendees; – scheduling use of board and conference rooms; – maintaining appropriate mailing and FAX lists; – distributing agendas, minutes and other materials; – arranging for AV equipment, refreshments, etc.; and – taking minutes as required and producing minutes using word processing software. Depending on the nature of the program, any and/or all of the following duties may be part of the job: – answering calls from the public in specific programs; – managing attendance forms, mileage claims, and competition documents including Job Descriptions and Posters, etc.;

– assigning equipment and supplies to new staff and assisting with orientation; – arranging travel for business, conferences, conventions and staff development; – processing a variety of administrative and financial documents including printing and translation requests to French Language Services, contracts, petty cash vouchers, etc., and tracking transactions using budget monitoring spreadsheets; – providing on-site support to staff in Health Promotion Centres;

– assisting staff with management of specific campaigns/workshops/projects by processing payments and registration; – participating in branch and departmental administrative committees and supporting branch projects; – coordinating the maintenance of office technology systems, building maintenance and security systems for offsite locations; and – providing backup for other Program Assistants and the Senior Administrative Assistant to the Director as required Works in accordance with applicable health and safety legislation, policies and procedures, and all other legislation, policies and procedures relevant to the work. Performs other related duties consistent with the duties outlined above.

Education: Requires completion of grade 12 and one (1) year of post secondary training in office administration, computers or related work Experience: A minimum of two (2) years related office/administrative experience


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