La Prairie, Quebec

Principal Program Manager

Principal Program Manager
Client: Hydro Electricity
Location: La Prairie, QC
Salary: Base + BB

Job Overview:

The Principal Program Manager provides leadership and direction for all aspects of a strategic program and implementation to achieve the target outcomes. This requires working closely with GE customers to understand and define high level scope, project plans and resourcing at all stages of a project or program lifecycle.

Essential Responsibilities: 

In this role, you will: 
•    Support TCO and ROI calculations, HW specification, value roadmap setup, governance model definition including scorecards, communication planning, and customer satisfaction. 
•    Focus on bringing multiple projects in on time and on budget while helping our customers control scope.

Basic Qualifications:

•    Minimum 5+ years’ experience in a dedicated project management role with responsibility for large scale IT project.
•    Prefer 10+ years’ experience in industrial software services or product development functions.

Eligibility Requirements: (Country Specific)

•    Legal authorization to work in Canada is required. GE may agree to sponsor an individual for an employment visa now or in the future if there is a shortage of individuals with particular skills.
•    Must be willing to travel
•    Must be willing to work out of an office located in Montreal, Quebec

Desired Characteristics:

•    Understand final outcome and use this to guide all aspects of the project. 
•    Proactively engage with customers in order to setup the core Project Management elements including;
o    Project Charter 
o    Project Plan 
o    Cost and Billing Forecast 
o    Change Management System 
o    Governance Model
•    Interact with all members of the governance model, escalate items as needed through the model and run a regular meeting for each committee.
•    Develop and implement processes to ensure best use of GE Digital products and services to meet IT Solution deployment requirements.
•    Establish broad review processes to improve and obtain support for the proposed solutions. 
•    Engage throughout the full lifecycle of assigned projects, influencing decisions on architecture, design, and functionality to keep programs on track in terms of budget, time, and customer expectations. 
•    Effectively communicate both verbally and in writing, with peers and team members as an inclusive leader, supporting pre-sale strategy, Services consulting efforts, and project execution. 
•    Effectively apply GE Digital execution methodology and project standards. 

Technical Expertise: 

•    Prefer experience with Hi-Tech, semiconductor, discrete manufacturing processes 
•    Experience with CxO level communications and customer relationship development 
•    Proven track record in dynamic high paced environment
•    Proven track record and ability to develop new opportunities
•    Experienced with various types of manufacturing including, engineer to order, make to stock, and make to order processes for both discrete and process industries.
•    Up to date with to industry standard data models, such as S95, and key MES functions as defined by MESA.
•    Experience in software analysis, design, quality assurance, SW methodology, and architecture.
•    Proven ability to understand new software development practices, languages, and tools.
•    Familiar with Windows, .NET, SQL databases, Web Services and SOA technologies. 
•    Proven business acumen to understand the impact of scope changes not just from a schedule perceptive but from a ROI and TCO perspective also. 
•    A formal certification from a project management institute or body is desirable.
•    Instructs others on how to thoroughly analyze data and present findings and recommendations in a way that is easy and simple for key stakeholders to make decisions; links analysis to overall business objectives and strategies.
•    Can instruct others on processes and procedures.  Advises the customer on most favorable outcome, anticipates potential issues to proactively circumvent issues. Adapts to exceptions and develops new procedures and workarounds for others to use. Resolves issues pertaining to scope, schedule and budget, or drive change management.  Defines quality requirements.
•    Demonstrates ability to diagnose and solve basic to intermediate issues.   Ability to isolate moderately complex scenarios down to actionable items within designated job function.   Can be utilized to problem solve at customer sites as the GE representative.   Seizes ambiguous situations as an opportunity to learn and demonstrate advanced researching capabilities.  Serves as skilled resource to guide “aware” individuals.
•    Regularly updates product knowledge to understand new features and limitations.  Understands the primary competitors and partners in the product space.  Understands the go to market strategy and positioning of products.  Has industry experience relevant to understanding common challenges and realities faced by customers.  Understands navigating the product and can answer questions on basic functionality.  Should be able to conduct basic demo of product.

Business Acumen: 

•    Communicates the importance of understanding customer's business strategies to become an advocate for profitability on behalf of the customer – actively reviews accounts, meets with customers, observes sales force, etc. Coaches/mentors peers and others on the relationship between GE solutions and value to the customer.
•    Uncovers and articulates critical success factors necessary for the customer to acquire, implement, and utilize a solution; assists customer in identifying shortcomings even when they may delay a commercial decision; utilizes GE experts to propose creative ways for the customer to master the critical success factors; articulates a roadmap that provides a high likelihood of the customer realizing expected business benefits and other key stakeholders achieving desired personal success; is accountable for overall customer success.
•    Coaches/mentors others on best practices for project delivery and execution. Acts as advisor to others in the area of customer satisfaction; focuses on tangible and intangible benefits to ensure customer awareness and satisfaction.


•    Helps team members understand their contributions in support of the broader direction. Continuously measures the completion rate of personal and team deliverables and compares them to the scheduled commitments. Effectively balances different, competing objectives.
•    Creates meaningful stories and two-way communications that drive behavior. Communicates functional strategy and roadmap with sufficient detail for teams to utilize. Describes functional area information to leaders. Coaches others on effective presentation skills. Collaborates with leadership on mediums and messages that drive the intended direction of the organization with measurable results. Determines the need for theoretical explanations vs. a business actionable answer in a presentation.
•    Identifies opportunities for necessary changes and pursues/leads them when appropriate. Works with executive stakeholders to embrace the implications of change. Recommends changes that drive strategic business outcomes. Facilitates the planning and implementation of change programs that drive solution adoption. Skilled at defining early value and establishing proof points toward desired outcome. Innovates and integrates new processes and/or technology to significantly add value to GE. Identifies how the cost of change weighs against the benefits and advises accordingly. Proactively learns new solutions and processes to address seemingly unanswerable problems.
•    Courage to share point-of-view and facilitate tough conversations.   Ability to pick up on subtle cues that could add risk to projects or initiatives.  Ability to proactively cultivate and identify non-obvious solutions to problems through an astute understanding of stakeholder roles and dynamics. Provides critical feedback into product and commercial teams to advance roadmap or relationship.

Personal Attributes: 

•    Influences and energizes others toward the common vision and goal. Maintains excitement for a process and drives to new directions of meeting the goal in the face of unfavorable odds and setbacks.
•    Proactively engages with cross-functional teams to resolve issues and design solutions using critical thinking and analytical skills and best practices. Finds important patterns in seemingly unrelated information.