Lachine, Quebec

Platform Architect

Platform Architect


Lachine, QC

Developing Cloud platform infrastructure

Responsible for leadership and strategy

Technology stack- Java, NoSQL ,Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark, HBase

IoT, Cloud Architecture, Amazon

Industry:Building Automation Systems, i.e. HVAC, lighting, security, i.e. key product areas in their BAS/ BMS solutions).

About our client:

Our client operates like a digital startup company, founded within the walls of a global firm with a long and successful history.

Our client specializes in Building Automation Solutions and Intelligent Building Management Systems. Our client is develops products and solutions that transform their clients’ environments into intelligent and energy efficient environments. With their use of leading edge IoT (Intenet of Things) technology, Big Data, Cloud, Embedded software, and Wireless communications technology, our client is developing power software and systems that are transforming their clients commercial buildings, retail stores, industrial facilities, cities into highly-automated, energy efficient, productive and intelligent environments.

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Our Advisor for this position

Wandalin Jana

Talent Acquisition Manager

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