Facilities Engineer – Civil

Facilities Engineer – Civil

Our client has an immediate need for an Engineer to:

  1. Take ownership of demolition drawing detail design
  1. Develop, review and validate correctness for wall demo, electrical, mechanical, structural, plumbing drawings, against existing building components
  2. Take ownership of internal facility staff work
  3. Escort and supervise workers to ensure environmental controls are met as specified in the Work Order Assessment
  4. Ex. Exact length of the wall for demolition, prep work internally before/after demolition, verify work is done correctly


  1. Take ownership of development Permit and Construction drawings in detail design
  1. Provide input, review, and validate correctness for architectural, electrical, mechanical, structural, plumbing drawings, against our internal URS
  2. Take ownership of final permit drawing and construction drawing correctness, internally
  3. Ex. Exact location of doors, pipes, outlets, electrical box, lighting, monitoring system sensor locations
  1. Clean room Validation documentation
  1. Review ESC IQ OQ, Third Party static qualification
  2. Adopt Static qualification document from ESC qualification
  3. Dynamic qualification document drafting, implement, execution

NRG 2775 Duplication

  1. Develop detail design of construction phasing project plan with NXL
  1. Develop and verify NXL’s demolition action plan, considering existing building infrastructures (Walls, electrical, mechanical)
  2. Develop and verify NXLs construction action plan (Walls, electrical, mechanical, structural)
  1. Parking, LLW planning
  1. Assessment of capacity for LLW, propose action we need to take for LLW in 2775.
  2. Parking assessment done by NLS, we need parking as soon as Jul-2020. Need project planned for parking expansion for May-20202 timeline


  1. Experience in Design-Build and Design-bid-build process
  2. Experience in Payment term scheduling for construction contracts
  3. Full understanding of demolition, construction, and construction clean up processes
  4. Experience in Clean room validation
  5. Ability of read and edit construction drawings
  6. Civil engineering skill sets in general
  7. Experience in long term building planning to accommodate organizational growth
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