Vancouver, British Columbia

Business Analyst

Business Analyst
Location: Vancouver
Duration: 1 year
Reference: 1854

Service Requirements
At a high level, the contractor would be responsible for all aspects of the following:
• Plan the business analysis work
• Scope the business analysis work
• Identify stakeholders, plan and lead engagements to gather information
• Perform analysis to understand needs and root-cause of business problems
• Document and track changes to requirements
• Communicate requirements to the intended audience
• Support the solution design by providing clarification on requirements
• Support the solution development by ensuring the solution meets the business needs stated in the objectives and business requirements
• Collaborate in testing the solution to validate the solution meets the business needs
• Support the implementation by actively work with the stakeholders in the roll out activities
• Prepare user guides and provide training to the users of the new system
• Assist with documenting of system catalogs, data source & repository lists, and other analysis tools.
• Assist with preparation of presentations, briefings or other communications as required.
• Improvements to business analysis processes within scope of solution delivery
• Providing expertise in the definition of permanent job profile

Relevant Experience Requirement
1.        Appropriate level of technical certification (International Institute of business Analysis (IIBA), Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP); and/or Lean Six sigma (Green or Black Belt)
2.        Three+ years of recent relevant experience identifying, defining, modelling and documenting business needs, including modelling and documenting technical solutions
3.        Three+ years experience interacting professionally with a wide variety of people in diverse roles (e.g. executives, contractors, technical experts, users) to develop and implemented automated business processes
4.        Three years of experience managing the quality of the delivered business solution to ensure it meets quality expectation
5.        Two years of experience leading multi-discipline or single discipline teams in a business initiative to design and align new business systems with business processes
6.        Two years of experience creating and following a change management plan to move from current to future state
7.        Experience working effectively with non-technical end users as relates to testing
8.        Relevant Capability Requirement
9.        Extremely clear communicator (written and verbal)
10.        Ability to lead multi-discipline teams in business transformation initiatives to align business systems with new business processes
11.        Ability to effectively manage deadlines and deliverables
12.        Ability to think critically and abstractly to anticipate solution service use/misuse
13.        Very detail oriented with superior analytical skills
14.        Very well organized (able to accurately manage requirements through their lifecycle)
15.        Ability to work well in a team environment as well as on their own
16.        Knowledge of business process re-engineering